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Employee Hotline:​  903.462.2002

After Hours Emergency Hotline:​  903.462.2009

Cigna:  1.800.244.6224
Cigna Plan ID:  3340888

Healthiest You:  1.866.703.1259


Attention TEXAS Employees:

ACS has a great employee referral program that allows you to earn some extra money just by telling your friends and family about us.
The way the program works is:

·         Have your friends/family complete an employment application TODAY at:


§  Workforce Solutions

·         Give the REFER A FRIEND card to the person that is coming in for an interview with your name listed on the card

§  If the referred person gets hired and is here 60 days, YOU receive $75

§  If the referred person is here 100 days, YOU receive an additional $100

That is a quick and easy way of making $175.00 just by telling your friends/family about us.

Please ask your direct supervisor for some referral cards so you can start earning that extra money TODAY!


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